In the heart of the Great Pacific, mid-way between the giant continents of Australia and South America lies a legendary paradise known to the rest of the world as TAHITI. A jewel of rare beauty, a breathtaking natural display of magnificent islands and coral reefs that were formed hundreds of million years ago by the unrestrained fury of under-water volcanoes and by the spectacular finishing touch of abundant sea coral.

Perhaps it is only the fact that TAHITI is the largest of all the Polynesian islands that its name is often used to describe the entire French Territory. But in fact, TAHITI is only on amongst the 120 or so magnificent little islands, inlets and coral atolls which an unconcerned nature capriciously scattered over the surface almost the entire size of the European continent, a total of 4.5 million square kilometers with 3500 km2 only of emerged land.

FRENCH POLYNESIA is divided into 5 uniquely beautiful archipelagoes or group of islands. Like the Marquesas Islands, geologically the youngest of nature's exquisite creation and perhaps the most celebrated by many world-famous artist, painters and poets alike for its unique and practically unaltered ancient culture and for its spectacular rugged mountains that leap abruptly out of the ocean like some strange underwater colossal giant unexpectedly caught gasping for air.

The Society Ilandds (or Leeward group) which include "Bora-Bora" also known as "The Pearl of the Pacific", the most famous of all the islands with its breathtaking emerald-green and turquoise-bleu lagoons where an increasing number of dedicated sun worshipers and spellbound tourist flock every year to pay homage to it legendary shores. The "lies du Vent" (the Windward Group) which claim Tahiti and its sister-island, "Moorea", also known a "Moorea the Magnificent", which lavishly displays upon all unsuspecting visitors fortunate enough to approach it shores form the sea the most fantastic spectacle of awesome rugged mountain peaks and magnificent turquoise lagoons.

The exceptional weather conditions of FRENCH POLYNESIA where the average temperature (27 degrees C) varies very little form one season to the next, the original formation of its magnificent volcanic islands and their crystal clear lagoons naturally sheltered by spectacular coral barriers, the heavenly visions of its truly impressive mountain range and deep rolling volcanic valleys covered with the most dazzling shades of greens and tropical colors, the abundance of its magnificent underwater coral fauna which remains a source of constant delight for al divers, professional or amateur alike. Al those elements give Tahiti and its islands the quality of a long unending summer, a true paradise on earth, a dream perhaps which the tourists and residents alike are still loathe to let go.



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